Card Making Tips

  • If your card has a busy pattern, add layers and contrast to separate the pattern
  • If your embellishments don't show up on backgrounds, add contrast
  • If your card elements are the same size, mix up the proportions
  • If your card looks too busy, choose a focused design
  • If your paper pattern is too busy, you might want to choose solid color cardstock as a background
  • If your card has a lack of contrast, add layers
  • If your card has too many elements, group them together for a focal point
  • If your card looks dull, warm it up with stronger color tones
  • If your card looks too simple, adding paper or embellishments adds interest
  • If your card looks washed out, add layers and texture
  • If your card has a simple design, add details to draw attention to a focal point
  • If you have papers that don't match, you may want to pair it with black or white paper
  • If you are using a stamp, you may want to include a layer to have a stronger finish


**please email us with your card making tips we would love to share them
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